April 11, 2021  Projects

Hiking trails — progress

During the winter lockdown I had no time and energy to work on my pet project, but successfully put myself back on track in the last few weeks.

What I achieved

Built and deployed a demo version on a new codebase. It’s only an experiment with the development methods and the functionality — The final product will look completely diferrent.

  • The code is now built with Next.js and React components on the frontend
    • I succesfully found a workaround to render components only on client side in Next.js — the map couldn’ be displayed without this.
  • The map and the hiking tracks are now updating live when the user changes the settings.
  • Multiple hiking tracks can be added.
  • Started to refactor the code into small, unit-tested components.

Next steps

Tomorrow will be the first meeting with my team where we’ll decide about the functionality and discuss a lot of technical questions. After the timeline is set up and we know what to include in the MVP, I’ll continue the development.