November 24, 2020  Projects

Hiking trails — a side project

I’m working on a pet project called Hiking Trails.

The first prototype — National Blue Trail parts

It started as a small web app for generating tracks in .KML format for the National Blue Trail a famous hiking trail in Hungary. The first prototype currently available at, and I’m actively using it for hiking in the last few months. Unfortunately it’s only in Hungarian.

Improving with new features

Recently I received good feedback from friends, colleagues and fellow hikers, and an idea struck to me that the app can be developed into a hiking recommendation and track planner site for the larger and smaller hiking trails everywhere in Hungary.

Not only it’s a good project that I can work in the next few months — It’s a great opportunity to try out new methods. This will be the first pet project that I’m not developing alone in my room (and probably abandon it when it’s 50%-80% finished), I try to facilitate a team of my friends and hiking partners, to came up with good ideas.

I’ll also try to post about the development in this blog.