April 12, 2020  Blog

Replace the irreplaceable

This is the first post of a new blog. Due to its nature, this is the kind of posts that no one reads, but I want to file a small mission statement.

This blog will be about tech. Software development, code-level details, interesting technologies, and company culture. I’ll see where this leads to.


This blog is built with Jekyll and hosted on Netlify. The theme is crafted by Themeix.

Why Jekyll?

Because it’s a stable and well-tested solution for my purpose. I’ve written a post about this.

Why Netlify?

I really like the whole concept and I’m amazed about what they’re doing to their ecosystem to be very easily manageable. Building and serving static sites may always have been some kind of the easier tasks, but never been so simple as with Netlify.

I’m already hosting some other small pages there, and the setup really takes only a minute. You click on a checkbox to import your GitHub repo, type npm build && npm test as build command and give the publish directory. And that’s all. You have a working CI system that builds your site everytime you push to the repo and only publishes it when the tests are passed.

And it’s not only the kickoff of a site that’s so simple. From redirect headers to custom domains I have never faced a task that couldn’t be done in a very clever way.

I absolutely recommend to give them a try.

Oh, and what does the title means?

“Replace the irreplaceable (Pótold a pótolhatatlant)” is a line from the opening song of the album A szokásos hátborzongató kora reggeli ordítás from the hungarian band Isten Háta Mögött.